Saturday, November 1, 2008

The ooze

When you have kids Halloween is like a marathon of fun! I am a room parent for Finn's third grade class along with a couple of great moms. We have to throw the classroom Halloween party and we logically divided the tasks of the day to play to our strengths; I was on snacks. What to do? Carmel apples with assorted toppings of course. What fun! Kids dipping their own apples, topping them, and devouring them in the next instant...that was my vision. The reality was somewhat different.
I prepared to make crock pot caramel apple topping not realizing how long it would take to unwrap four 14oz bags of individually wrapped Kraft caramels. Forty minutes later I was ready to add the eight tablespoons of water to the pot and melt those crazy caramels down...yikes. They melted and I was FINALLY ready to head out to the school. Carrying the caramel filled crock pot to the garage I suddenly found myself on the ground; it was a grand Melissa trip and the caramel oozed out onto the pavement. OMG...the skinned knees...what do I do? I realized I may have created my own haunted house, with all that spilled sugar on the ground visions of rats and ants and bees (oh my) entered my mind, but I picked up the more than half empty pot, stepped over the spill and continued on my way.
What now? What happens is math. We had less caramel than we needed to complete the caramel apple task so we reduced the size of the apples to meet the caramel availability. It was a crisis that led to a recession! Wicked...I get that!
Actually the resulting treat was better that what a full apple would have offered!
I guess we can all make do with a little less.
Finn and his class had a great time at the party! Finn was decked out as a 1950's greaser and his friends looked great, too. The school parade was the highlight of the day as usual.
We took our boy trick-or-treating after school with his friend S and headed to the home of the Pfour for chili, cornbread and merriment. Great company, excellent vibe, and a couple of new faces that brightened the evening!

After having a lovely dinner we checked in with Emma. I missed her today, but seeing her among her friends in all their ghoulish glory was simply divine. She is where she needs to be and thanks to Leif and me she, and two friends, got from their party to their sleepover in one piece. Sometimes a mom just needs a glimpse.

We hit one more neighborhood party before returning home for the evening...I am exhausted and happy!

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McGinty Clan said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhh, how sweet. I read both entries at once. I remember that little hobo...TJ was Thomas the Tank. Shoot, it almost seems like yesterday

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