Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday night fun!

Nearly every Friday evening the Elsmo four try to do something fun and relaxing. We usually order dinner and play a game or watch a movie. It is a really great way to end the week. Tonight we added a couple of extra kids to our family fun night!

Finn has been dying to have his friend S over, but it seems they have opposite schedules during the week. I told Finn he could have S over for a pizza dinner tonight and he headed over after soccer practice. The boys hunkered down to shoot marbles, but decided not to play for keeps. They ate pizza, and watched a zany boyish video S and his brother made just for Finn!

Emma purchased the summer Momenta video today and invited her friend and fellow dancer JBcoolcat over to watch. This was really the first time Emma ever saw herself dance on television; it was quite funny to witness the duo marveling at themselves!

The next thing we knew the dancers and the marble shooters were together in the living room dancing and singing to "You Can't Stop the Beat." Friday night fun for all!!

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