Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Rents

My parents came in for the day to watch Finn's soccer game. They have loved youth soccer since the moment my brother showed promise with the ball and they are equally eager to support their grandson. The game ended in a 12-4 victory for the Strikers and Finn had three assists, several excellent passes and a fine corner kick that converted to a goal.
From the field we headed down to Chinatown to celebrate my mom's birthday and to eat a Chinese meal my dad had been craving from some time. Our early dinner at Emperor's Choice was filled with yummy treats, but Leif's Black Pepper Beef selection was my favorite. It is funny to remember all the meals I have had in that restaurant, but credit for our first foodie adventure there goes to the Pfour! From the restaurant we headed out on the streets of Chinatown to find some plates in the shop where they have dishes, but will not sell them. I fell in love with some white triangular plates for the second time, but alas left empty handed again. So it goes in Chinatown I guess, but my mom managed to unearth a kitchen sponge shaped like a man that shoots water from you know where.
It is funny to watch a group of people you know spread out and walk the streets; everyone has their own personality.

And then when they stop at an intersection you realize they are simply family.

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Angela said...

Oh man, how many years ago was that first Emperor's Choice visit? I'm so glad that after all these years, we still look forward to Chinatown visits together. Looks like a fun day.

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