Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Lights Out

To put it mildly Emma did not have the best day yesterday. I delight in my daughter, but like any young lady she can be expected to make some mistakes along the road to adulthood. Without going into grave detail she made a series of poor choices about a now infamous math test and they snowballed...big time.

I remember those days when I was young...the sick feeling I got when faced with the prospect of going home, the shock as everything seemingly unrelated to my lie started to unravel too, and the strange relief finally being found out brought. Emma did her fair share of learning and crying yesterday afternoon, but finally calmed down enough for us to start building her back up again.

We tucked our puffy eyed girl into bed to finish her required reading. Little did she know what happens at the of Where The Red Fern about a karma smack. She was a mess...sobbing, "Oh Old Dan, oh Little Ann." I was never so happy to turn out the lights in her room; I wanted her day to end as much as she did.

1 comment:

Penny said...

Getting older stinks, huh! Poor Emma. I hope she feels better today.

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