Sunday, October 12, 2008

Duel intentions

Annie is running the marathon tomorrow and I decided to cook her a pre-race dinner. Sesame crusted orange glazed salmon with wheat pasta, spinach and mushroom. A good little dish...really. What made the meal was the arrival of my canvasing partner Jolly! She hails from NYC, I met her in PA, and she was in Chi-town this week-end as part of a Women for Obama event. She found her way to Oak Park via the blue line and settled in for a quick dinner. I have tempted Jolly with photos of my food since I met her; it was a profound moment to have her in my dining room tonight. ANY candidate would someone like Jolly on their side and I am grateful she took the time to visit us this evening. So...Annie ate her carbs and all of us were a little Jollier than we thought we would be!

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