Monday, October 20, 2008

Check In

Tonight I ventured out to Irving school for Finn's first parent teacher conference. I love checking in with the kids' teachers and tonight was no exception. Finn is doing beautifully in third grade in all respects. What really pleased me were his teachers' compliments, not only about his strong academic performance, but also about his honesty, kindness and work ethic. I LOVE his teacher...sometimes you know very early on how a teacher will influence your child and I must say that Ms. T is going to be a memorable person in Finn's life for years to come. I cannot imagine a teacher more perfect for Finn at this stage. I have already witnessed huge growth in him and only expect more good things as the year progresses. Ms. T is supremely organized, sensitive to the individual needs of her students, positive and upbeat. I can see why Finn can't wait to get to school every day!

1 comment:

McGinty Clan said...

Such a cute picture of Finn. Great news about the 3rd grade, big growth year

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