Sunday, October 12, 2008

1 out of 45,000

With Eric getting my cousin Annie safely to the start of the marathon, Leif and I were able to concentrate on getting the dancers to their rehearsals before finding Annie on the course.After dropping Emma off, we traveled from the Joffrey by train to Chinatown to watch Annie between mile 21 and 22. She had a feeling that particular stretch might be challenging for her and suggested the support of her boyfriend and family would help get her through. The energy throughout the city was phenomenal and particularly on the trains. People were crammed into the cars carrying signs and traveling in support of one of forty-five thousand runners. While the runners had been confined to their grueling course, throughout the city spectators were on an amazing mini race of their own...

Thanks to real time runner tracking in Annie's shoe alerting us to her location, we realized we had about an hour before she would reach Cermack and Wentworth and decided to head over to Three Happiness for Dim Sum to deliciously waste time! After dining on dumplings, we returned to the course to see a confident Annie run by. She did not hear us screaming her name, but seeing her in the process of accomplishing this long standing goal was a moment to treasure. After watching her disappear into the distance our group hopped back on the train. Eric headed off to the finish and Leif and Finn and I returned to State and Randolph.

About two hours later...just as we were preparing to swap kids at the Joffrey...our very own first time marathoner proudly turned onto State street wearing the medal she earned for completing 26.2 miles in 4 hours 37 minutes.

Congratulations Annie!!! We are all proud of you!!

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