Thursday, September 4, 2008

SES begins...again

In 2008 I had the great pleasure of working on an inaugural house walk in Oak Park.
Our committee of five focused on celebrating quality and eco-friendly design in eight smaller homes in the tiny southeast corner of the village. The event benefited the Oak Park and River Forest Day Nursery and SEOPCO.
None of us had ever worked on a house walk before and were simply delighted by the overwhelmingly positive response to our walk. Simply stated, it was the single best event I have ever worked on in my life.

It is hard to believe, but the time has already come to get the ball rolling to plan the 2009 Southeast Style House Walk! I cooked up some appetizers and hosted our first meeting tonight where we welcomed an additional four members to our tight-knit committee. I was particularly happy with my ricotta, shrimp, tarragon and roasted mushroom quesadillas.

I love to see my living room filled with thoughtful, community minded individuals willing to put their diverse talents to work toward a common goal. Our committee includes board members from the Day Nursery and SEOPCO, as well as designers, community members, and 2008 homeowners, house captains, and stagers. It is an impressive collection of people.
We managed to get a good deal of work done tonight...but clearly enjoyed each other's company and embraced the excitement investing in a project of this magnitude brings.

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McGinty Clan said...

me again, when did you start being a Virgo ? I'm a Libra and we share the same b-day

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