Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Risky Postures PG13

Sometimes gravity is not your friend.
When I met my husband, fourteen years ago, I was teaching and competing on the professional ballroom dance circuit. My dances were Viennese Waltz, Waltz, Fox Trot and Tango and my body was fierce. My friend, El, even referred to me as, "tits on a stick" before she knew my name.
Over the years the tits have remained, but I am sad to report the stick has become slightly thicker...okay it is more like a log.

I started taking yoga with some of the neighborhood ladies in hopes of whittling the stick and I simply love it. Tonight we were introduced to a new posture...


So there I was, nipples in my nostrils, grappling with the fact this is not a natural position for the well endowed woman. I turned my head for air, and commented to my friend Lynn that I was afraid I may be at risk for suffocation. She started laughing so hard I feared we may have shattered the tranquil mood yoga requires.

When I returned home I explained the Halasana pose to Emma and Finn and wouldn't you know, they both dropped to the floor and rolled over. I love my kids, but sometimes they are a bit much.

Namaste...and be thankful you can breathe!


McGinty Clan said...

that was a laugh out loud post, thanks


Angela said...

Gosh, how I relate! So funny.

Nubia said...

Oh my god....literally let out the loudest guffaw! Ha! I am nowhere near being introduced to this pose, but I will surely let you know how it goes.

I'm gonna giggle about this all day.

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