Sunday, September 28, 2008

Pot Roast on the Patio

Heading out to his game today Finn requested to have his hair done. An ask of this nature has become a good sign that he is really in the mood to play. Okay, he is due for a haircut and the faux hawk was about as tall as Finn, but it got him sufficiently fired up. His team greeted him with huge approval and declared he was "so cool"! Finn had an excellent game and the day was made even sweeter because Leif coached the team today. I find it totally amazing to watch this relationship between the men in my life develop!
When we returned home the house smelled like pot roast! I am getting into a fall frame of mind and nothing feels like autumn to me like a big braised dinner!
It isn't quite fall yet so we took our pot roast on the patio. There was something delicious about the juxtaposition of the meal!
From there Leif and I headed to the Moon Dance in the neighborhood for some socializing and cocktails. All and all a pretty great day!

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