Sunday, September 21, 2008

Neighborhood birthday

A neighbor asked me to cater her self inflicted 50th birthday party last night.
Emma and Finn passed along their colds to me so I was even more grateful for LB and Tee's service at the event. Before the party started there was an incident with the cake. The birthday girl had ordered it especially for her big day and let me just say it wasn't what she wanted. In fact it was disastrously ugly and juvenile. With the cake hidden in the basement it was time to serve the appetizers.

There were many memorable bites throughout the evening, but my miniature green tea crepes with daikon, cucumber, flank steak and hoisin were a particular hit with the men.

I also liked the grilled crostini stars with tarragon white bean puree and French olive tapenade, but he best dish of the evening was my homemade crab, mango, and mint maki roll. The surprising addition of a little brown sugar made the dish!

When the time came to serve the cake we discovered it had been liberally decorated by A, a friend of the birthday girl and all around creative guy! It was a brilliant moment that reminded everyone to find the humor in any and every situation.
BTW: The ugly cake was simply delicious!


Annie said...

Gorgeous food!! You would have loved what we had for dinner last night at Vic's (see my new post, that's right two in a row! I'm on a roll ;o)

Your name is definitely not Guilt! I wish you were around all the time, Guilt on the other hand is a different story altogether. Thanks for the good wishes this weekend. It's going to be a tall order!

Andrew said...

You did a marvelous job, as usual. Love that I got a mention in your blog! The cake picture is ridiculous!

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