Saturday, September 13, 2008

An important meal

The morning started with breakfast. A simple meal, baked eggs, hearty toast and fruit, complicated only by the reason for serving it. Taking over the Day Nursery board has forced me into the unusual position of assessing organizational needs and filling the emerging fun fun! It has become clear that our program needs some attention and the person clearly qualified to to the job has already served on the board and left for reasons I don't fully understand. She came for breakfast this morning; this was a breakfast served with a re-ask attached. She said yes to serving another term on the board, and presented me with a plum coffee cake from the Oak Park Bakery. I don't like sweet dishes, but this particular cake was among the best sweets I have ever eaten. I have visions of sweets like that cake being laid out on the board room table over the next two years and it makes all the responsibility a little more palatable.
With the pleasurable business of the day done, I was fortunate to head out to the movies with friends (I folded some laundry and drove some carpools in between). We saw The Women and finished up at Trattoria 225 with a glass of wine.
Some days are a little business, some pleasure and then you end up having popcorn for dinner...but they say breakfast is the most important meal of the sustains you.

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