Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A Good Judge

Emma's entire social world has exploded since entering middle school and our dinner conversations are filled with new names with few faces to match. One particular name keeps coming up and tonight Emma invited J over to cook dinner.
Apparently Emma has fallen in with a young foodie, as her new friend requested to learn how to roll sushi, wrap dumplings, and cook orange chicken. They wrapped, rolled, and chatted the evening away! Emma and J also managed to get their math homework done in the midst of it all.
This new friend makes a very good impression; we all enjoyed our dinner with her. J is bright, funny, and completely age appropriate! She shared tales of her family vacations and meatloaf mishap. Clearly our young Emma is a good judge of character and it delights me to see her world getting bigger as it fills with interesting people!
Apparently the evening was a success; the duo has decided dress as nigiri sushi for Halloween!

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