Friday, September 5, 2008

Feeling like Christmas?

The paper work is filled out and Emma is heading downtown to audition for the Nutcracker tomorrow afternoon. This will be Emma's third Nutcracker season with the prestigious Joffrey Ballet and her great accomplishment has forever changed our holiday season. The first year she auditioned among nearly 800 children for a coveted 16 roles. She snatched the role of the Chinese Girl Doll and the following year earned a spot as a Snow Tree Angel.
We won't know what role she'll receive for the coming season until later in the month, but she will also take a placement class for the new Joffrey School tomorrow after auditioning. One of my favorite outings of the year is picking up little odds and ends to make Emma feel special for her big day. Today I picked up the usual items...a fresh pair of tights, hair nets, bobby pins, a new clear lip gloss and a pretty scrunchy to circle her bun.
This year at the last second, I threw a powder scented deodorant into the cart, not because she really needs it yet, but because I had a flash back to last year's audition. Emma was all ready to go, her hair was perfect and her snag free tights were we were heading out I joked, " Are you sure your ready? You don't need put on some deodorant or anything?" And she replied, "Nope, I already used some." I was quite shocked and tickled, as I leaned in for a sniff and my little ballerina reeked of Leif's Old Spice. Nothing evokes images of Sugarplums like a manly antiperspirant!

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