Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Donkey before Elephant

In high school, one of my very closest friends was Elissa. Yes, Melissa and Elissa...about as cheeky as is comes! We went to almost all the school dances together, spent hours at coffee shops, and even drank cheap wine out of giant plastic wine glasses in my first apartment. She was always the first to follow fashion trends, but always remained an individual. Elissa was even responsible for my meeting Leif and for that I cannot thank her enough. After Leif and I moved to Chicago and had Emma enter our lives, I am sad to say Elissa and I lost touch. It wasn't like I didn't think about her, but time and circumstances simply separated us...until she found me on Facebook.

Elissa was the first old friend to surprise me on Facebook and posted the above picture for all the world to see. I learned she is happily married to the man she was dating when we lost touch, has a beautiful daughter, and a high-end women's clothing and accessory boutique called HERS in Milwaukee's trendy Third Ward. I have loved catching up with Elissa and was even more delighted when a present arrived in the mail today from her. She sent me the most adorable Echo scarf covered with democratic donkeys! I assure you I have many places to wear my political party silk scarf and I was relieved Elissa also sent instructions on how to wear it! Please, if you are inclined, call her shop and order the donkey scarf...I think she has some elephants in the shop and I would love to see her sell out of donkeys before elephants!

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