Friday, September 12, 2008

Boys in the afternoon

Thursday is the only afternoon Finn can really kick back and enjoy some time with friends. Finn and S have been pals since pre-school and they never pose a problem when they are together. The second they hit the deck yesterday, they threw down their back packs and whipped out their Pokemon cards for some heated trading and conversation.

As I served them their after school snack, I overheard them discussing how the behavior of one of their fellow classmates is sure to lead to his "expelliation" and how hot lunch today was the "Salisbury Steakiest" of all time! True, an eight year old boy is a strange creature, slightly awkward and geeky, but there is something so beautifully simple about them...they posses an innocence only girls can tamper with.

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Leif said... very true. Nice post.

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