Thursday, September 18, 2008

Being Emma

Tonight Leif and I had the opportunity to be Emma. It was curriculum night at the middle school and it ran like a school day on fast forward. With Emma's schedule in hand we hit all of her classrooms from Advisory, pre-algebra, band, lunch, the stinky gym and everything in between. We were delighted to meet all of her teachers and can now empathize with her sprint from the first floor to the third floor between periods four and five. They gave the slow moving slightly confused parents four minutes between classes and we barely made it...and Emma has to do it in three stopping at her locker in between!
A fellow parent commented that the space is so vast compared to elementary school he could envision certain kids expanding with the space and others just whithering away when faced with all the opportunity. After being in middle school for the evening I can attest his sentiments are true and I am happy to report Emma seems to be thriving in her new environment. Each of Emma's teachers knew exactly who she was and even could report funny facts about me and Leif! Leif and I even managed to complete our assignment from Emma; we located the garbage can she and a couple of fellow classmates were responsible for painting today. I guess we deserve an A!

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McGinty Clan said...

How Fun! Very cute can, Emma

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