Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beef, Barbie, and Blue

Need a Clue?

I made beef stew.
And shared it with a few.
We love getting together with Aim, Fresh G, and their girls. Tonight I brought stew to their gorgeous house for a little family fun. Finn was a trooper, as his world went from all boy to all Barbie in seconds flat, but the rest of us settled in for a comfortable evening filled with craftsman beers, 70's tunes, and cards.
I always marvel at Fresh G, he is a crazy smart man with an uncanny knowledge of just about anything you could imagine...especially movies. I have always wondered how he keeps track of all that information and tonight his secret was revealed. There we were, mid conversation, when he whipped out his Blue's Clues notebook and started writing. In this exact moment I think he was reminding himself to check out this video.
Thanks for a fun evening!
Sorry, I could only rhyme a few lines...I guess our book is on hold!

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