Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday is Meatloaf

Leif's favorite food of all time is meat loaf and with the sudden cold and rain it felt like a fitting family dinner. As hokey as it may seem it was really delicious!
I learned the secret to perfect meatloaf from a food scientist. No matter the recipe you should combine all the ingredients except the meat in the bowl of a stand mixer. Little by little begin adding the meat with the machine running. When all the meat has been incorporated you will be left with a smooth, yet slightly loose mixture. Never use a loaf pan, but shape the mixture into a free form loaf and bake.

No meatloaf dinner is complete without mashed potatoes and tonight the whipped skin on red potatoes with rosemary and cider braised Brussels sprouts were the perfect accompaniments for our fifties flashback dinner. I counted...Leif has said, "I love you" at least half a dozen times tonight. I love a man who is so easy to please! Maybe it would benefit me to make every Monday meatloaf night.

1 comment:

McGinty Clan said...

Okay, STARVING. now I have a taste for meatloaf. Also, Tim's favorite meal

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