Sunday, August 17, 2008


We have enjoyed the company of our neighbor, Eileen, for more than a decade. She is a wise woman with extreme resolve. Over the course of years, witnessing a duo of deaths in her home has transpired to welcoming the births of several of her nieces and nephews. We miss her family members who have passed on and treasure the fact we know the next generation of her family. It has been an evolution.... and we have watched her age.

Eileen's home was recently electrocuted during a storm and rendered her powerless, both literally and figuratively for more than 50 days. Like a lifeline, Casa de Elsmo powered her home via a single extension cord stung between our houses for more than a month. Eileen has finally returned home with partial electric and a need (as she said) for vegetables. We invited her for dinner tonight.
We stopped at a road side produce stand yesterday and picked up wax beans, fresh picked corn, and green tomatoes for Eileen's much needed veg head dinner. I have never worked with green tomatoes before. I decided to fry them because, well...I've seen the the movie.
I think the secret to fried green tomatoes lies with corn flakes and a homemade pico de gullo. I guess a fried house is a good enough reason to fry up some tomatoes.

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