Sunday, August 3, 2008

Wanna Shipshewana?

For the past several years we have made a point to take a summer week-end get away with friends. This year the Pfour were not able to join us, but we were able to hit the road with the remaining perrenial travelers from our group. We wanted to find a water park the kids could enjoy and we ended up in Shipshewana, Indiana.
We did find the perfect water park and the kids had a ball, but the unexpected treat of the week-end was finding ourselves deep in the heart of Amish country. None of us had ever been among the Amish before and we found ourselves fascinated by the ways of the Old Order. There were at least as many carriages as cars in old Shipshewana and the town was full of life...and quilts. That is until Sunday hit; the town was a dead zone. We enjoyed a lovely carriage ride through the country and an authentic and slightly overwhelming Amish meal. We also joined in watching the local rodeo...clearly a date night for the locals enjoying rumspringa. Emma and Finn met and fell in love with a couple of Heelers; as much as they pined away for one we were steadfast...the Elsmo arc is full!
We at pickles and cheeses and jerkey and fried chicken and steak and chicken with noodles and pie and ham and bacon and ice cream...oh and biscuits and gravy and stuffing and soft pretzels and eggs and I'm sure we had something green too. Apparently the Amish do more than scream down water slides to work up an appetite...we all need blood pressure medication, a tread mill and a cholesterol check asap. I know you wanna Shipshewanna too!

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Angela said...

We were so sad to miss it and are looking forward to next year already!

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