Saturday, August 9, 2008

Swimming in Elgin

Whenever you find yourself soaking wet and freezing in a port-a-potty before 9am on a Saturday morning you can bet it is going be a long day. We headed off to Elgin this morning for Finn's very first soccer tournament. The team was anxious to participate in the Northern Illinois Soccer League's seeding tournament for the experience...we had no idea their U8 record would land them in one of the top divisions. We were in over our heads.
Finn's face asks, "Are you ready for this?" And he, and the rest of the team, were not...
We were met with a consistent and drenching rain upon out arrival and it was downhill from there. Like a group of drown rats, the young team headed out onto the field to meet Chivas. The opposing team spoke only Spanish and passed the ball with grace and form unexpected for the age level. Finn who appeared to be underwater during all three games may not be well. Leif and I are concerned, but he maintains he is fine. He looks so pale.

After losing three games we headed home with a watchful eye on our son. We tucked him into bed and he is sleeping soundly. Leif and I are still unsure of his condition. After listening to him we believe he wants to put the day behind him. He is looking forward to three more games tomorrow...cautiously optimistic...we'll see what happens...something is off.

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