Saturday, August 23, 2008

Sunny in Shaumburg

The Strikers were on the move again this week-end. After a week long intensive soccer camp the team headed out to the Shaumburg Soccerfest to show what they had learned. Due to circumstances beyond our control the boys were bracketed very high in the tournament; we're talking some of the best U9 teams in the state. All of the competition is ranked more than four flights ahead of our team during the regular season and we had prepared ourselves for the worst. The forecast predicted heavy rains and we had visions of repeating the boy's seeding tournament experience.

We pumped Finn up on the way to the tournament with a CD Leif made for him. He rocked out to Ozomatli, Kool and the Gang, KLF, and The Ramones and proceeded to get his game face on. Apparently so did the rest of the team because the won their first game 2-1. It was very exciting to watch and the Strikers nearly no cheering policy was hard to follow...everyone was delightfully shocked. Everyone except the boys, they took it in stride.
In game two the boys faced the home team and in a true nail-biter lost by one with a final score of 3-4. Pretty amazing, as the boys have never played two full fifty minute games in one day! Even Emma basked in the day with her new found soccer sister companion, MK. We head back tomorrow to face the Sockers. The reality is the U9 Strikers are not out of the running to play in the final. We'll see what happens, but no matter the out come it was a sunny day in Shaumburg! Fun for all and I must admit I am oddly into this whole soccer thing.

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