Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soft Opening

Labor day week end is a time to get together with friends.We just had no idea we would be hosting a party, but we did. Leif, Emma, and Finn worked diligently assembling the furniture because we had twenty people heading over to enjoy our almost done deck.
I work well under pressure and was particularly pleased with my red pork with cucumber relish and beef shumai, but there were many stand out dishes tonight. Penny's noodles may be a restaurant in the area, but my friend Penny's noodles were the best dish of the evening. E's Skewers is not a restaurant, but should be, as that aggressively marinated flank steak was an utter delight and then there was A's fruit dessert...I am not sure what was in it, but yum, a serious yum.
The Elsmo Four were supposed to head to the beach in Racine today, but when faced with the reality of the party were forced to call Nancy and announce a change of plans. She drove down and enjoyed an evening in Oak Park, amongst her grandchildren and friends.

So...we are waiting for a new door, have no grass, and no landscaping to speak of, but we have friends who, by invitation, invaded our home to celebrate the end of summer and confirmed we had made the right choice in upending the back of our little house. It was simply lovely to see the space, however raw, filled with life.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for a great sunday evening and you did way to much in 3 days.



Elanor said...

I finely made a comment.

Angela said...

We had such a great evening. Thanks again! By the way, the dessert was a clafoutis (but technically a flognarde, since I used peaches, plums and apricots, not the traditional cherries -- plus I used rice milk and honey so see, it really WAS heathly). Glad you liked it.

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