Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soccer Style

Finn's coach insisted he come fully faux hawked to play their tournament game today. His teammates were stoked to see the littlest Striker looking so fierce. One player even commented he thought Finn looked like a dinosaur. Our friend E may have to become the U9 stylist, as I anticipate a rash of new hairstyles on the team!

My brother, a great player and long time youth coach, laughed when he heard Finn had his edgy new haircut. He warned that any kid with a faux hawk on the soccer pitch had better be able to tear it up. Finn is not a poser. He had a great game against a team ranked 7th in the state. Although the result was a 5-1 loss the game was much closer than the score would lead you to believe and Finn was in the mix the entire time. He had several solid tackles and even assisted the team's only goal. Finn's coach commented that "Finn was making himself look very dangerous." I guess he can handle the hair...or the hair can handle him.

What I apparently can't handle is taking a picture of us having dinner on our incomplete new deck. We kept the soccer chairs out and decided to break it in even though there is a ton more work to do. I guess it just isn't meant to be shared until it is finished.

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