Sunday, August 10, 2008

Seeing Red

We went back to Elgin today with our Striker in much better form; he had the sparkle back in his eyes and the flush back in his cheeks. The entire team played with energy and heart!
Finn even remained undaunted when faced one massive eight year old. How do you get number 88 seeing red? Finn figured it out; use lack of height to your advantage. Finn stood directly behind the kid with his nose planted between the eights. Every time 88 turned his head to check on Finn he couldn't see him. It was hilarious. After sufficiently rattling the kid they faced a 50/50 ball and Finn not only won it fairly, but stuck it so hard he sent number 88 flying to the ground. Finn is doing his part to stop size bias in youth sports!

Speaking of flushed cheeks and seeing red...check out my soccer tournament souvenir. Apparently my SPF 30 wore off...even my ankles are burnt.

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