Monday, August 4, 2008

School Daze

Today we conquered the great challenge of acquiring supplies for the 2008-2009 school year!

Finn is confident in his selections...I watched him look longingly at the notebooks covered with sweet puppies and bunnies for quite some time and ultimately put them back on the shelf. I think something inside of him simply knew that baby animals were not going to play in the third grade no matter how cute he thought they were and he settled for sharks, Speed Racer, and The Hulk. I witnessed him quietly making a wise choice, but sometimes it breaks your heart to watch your kid grow up.

Emma is heading off to middle school and she has outgrown patterned notebooks and folders all together. She has exchanged ponies, hearts, and dolphins for color co-ordinated folders and notebooks for each subject...this is very grown up stuff; even her Kleenex box patterns reflected her new found maturity. She also needed a scientific calculator the likes of which I did not see until late in high school and a flash drive...times have certainly changed and I am hoping she doesn't need help with that calculator before Leif gets home from work!

Only nineteen days to go....Emma and Finn's lazy days of summer will soon be replaced with the hard work and excitement that comes of being in school.

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