Monday, August 25, 2008

Popcorn and Polictics

Break out the popcorn; it is a big night in the Elsmo house. In the same way some families crowd around the TV to watch the Super Bowl or the Macy's Thanksgiving day parade, we have cause to celebrate the Democratic National Convention!

I am a proud democrat and a fierce Obamacrat. I had the privilege to join Leif as a special guest at Barack's 2004 victory party after winning his senate seat and shared a table with Michelle Obama and her mother at the 2005 Christmas Glory concert. As Barack spoke at the Democratic National Convention four years ago, I was certain he was a man destined for greater political success.

During the primary, I traveled to Doylestown, PA in predominantly republican Bucks County to canvas with a group of amazingly bright women. We knocked on hundreds of doors in that quaint little town and even managed to change a few minds. I had never pounded the pavement in support of candidate in that way before and I was immediately hooked. The second I had the opportunity I assembled a group of Oak Park families, snatched Emma and Finn from school, and headed to Muncie, IN for two days of canvasing and experiential education. That army of of kids hit more than 150 doors in two hours on primary day and Finn was quick to inform anyone he was there "on the half of Barack Obama" and naturally begged the question, "What half?" Munice provided a stark contrast to darling little Doylestown and I assure you there is nothing as interesting as campaigning for a black presidential candidate less than than five miles from the home of the grand dragon.

I believe in Barack in the same way an good Obamacrat would, save for the fact Leif actually knows Michelle. He has worked with her for more than a decade and long before any of this insanity, considered her his mentor.

Soo...watching Michelle speak at the convention tonight was cause to break out the popcorn and cheer for our friend and our future. VOTE!

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Penny said...

Mel,I felt the same way when I first saw Obama give a speech. He spoke at my law school commencement ceremony and gave me chills. Even my die hard Republican family from the Deep South gave him a standing O from the heart---and that's saying A LOT! I then saw him a few years later at one of my cousins commencement ceremonies.

I admit that I am not super political but have become much more political with this election. We saw part of Michelle's speech last night.....great job and what an inspiration!!

Maybe you and your kids can make your way over to debate with my hard core Republican co-workers!

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