Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Eleven Hour Day

I knew middle school would bring about unique challenges, greater Independence, and new found responsibilities for young Emma. I just didn't think she would be hitting on all cylinders on her first full day of sixth grade.
She left the house this morning at 8:20am with a back pack weighing practically as much as she does to meet up with her walking partners. She made it to school and had a fantastic day. She was tickled by the extensive potty training lesson she and her fellow classmates received. Apparently the girls were crammed in a bathroom and informed in dramatic fashion in middle school you go into the the bathroom, use it, wash your hands and leave...Emma has every confidence she will not let the school down in this regard. After a long school day the ballerinas made their way to the academy at 3:30. After jazz, ballet and pre-point classes she made her way home and walked through the door, back back still on, at 7:34pm.
That is a big day for anyone and she was totally proud!

1 comment:

Annie said...

She is one active chicky! It's nice to know that Emma is meeting all of the school 'requirements' right from day one ;o)

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