Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Dye to Match

Some folks can remember dying shoes to match a dress. While I fundamentally disagree with that level of co-ordination, I must admit I dye my hair to match my kid. I have colored my hair for years and for the most part it is always some shade of red. When Finn was born with a shock of penny red hair I was delighted; I figured all that hair dye had altered my genetic material! I thought it even funnier when everyone kept comparing Finn to Peter Pan yesterday, because my parents accused me of looking like a Disney character the first time I had my hair colored red.

Today I had my turn in the chair. I am fiercely loyal to my stylist, Chelsey. She is young and hip and full of interesting conversation and totally understands that I may be a PTO going minivan driving soccer mom, but NEVER want to look like one. I always let her have her way with my hair and from cut to color I am particularly fond of today's result!

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