Thursday, August 7, 2008

Bubble Buddies

Today I needed to stain the front steps and edge the garden. I tasked the kids with cleaning the bathroom to buy myself the time I needed to get my jobs done. I gave them each a pair of latex gloves and some cleaning products and unleashed them on the bathtub and toilet...

Like most children, Emma and Finn have games, toys, and art supplies at their disposal. They have more play things than some, but far less than most. This forces a certain level of creativity in our home and I love that. I have never ever heard a complaint of boredom from either one of them and they really don't fight.

Today, after leaving the semi-sparkling bathroom, they paired up for hours playing with a couple of home-made toys. Emma staved off her shower for an extra hour of playtime with her brother...and Finn went straight to bed in hopes morning would come sooner because they have big plans to pick up right where they left off!

Meet the "Bubble Buddies," George and Melanie...they live in an empty aquarium in Emma's room and pose only a minor flood risk. I ask you, who needs Webkinz when you have a couple of water filled latex gloves and a permanent marker?

Cleaning the bathroom should always lead to such fun!

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