Friday, August 29, 2008

Four with the Pfour

After an afternoon of hustling to and from school, soccer and ballet it very nice to have an excuse to throw down a couple of slices of pizza and a piece of cake among great friends.
Tonight we had the cutest excuse of all!
The youngest member of the Pfour turned four today. Pizza and pinata made for a festive evening and despite a brief bout of stage fright when it came time to blow out the candles, the absolutely precocious and precious birthday boy seemed to have a great evening.

We often hang out with the Pfour and A is responsible for my starting this blog. Oddly enough she is also responsible for her neighbor P starting her blog The Frigs. It struck me as funny that we all read about each other daily and when any one of us says more than a sentence it is sure to be followed with, "oh yeah, I read about that on your blog!"

Thanks to Emma for her photo of the bloggers!
And thanks to the Pfour for a wonderful evening!
Happy Birthday C!

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