Monday, August 11, 2008

Annuity Hawk

A while back Finn decided he wanted a Mohawk and Leif and I decided that was not going to happen. He was slightly disappointed, but seemed satisfied with our compromise offering...a faux hawk.

When it comes to funky hair we have a secret weapon...our friend E, not only is she a talented stylist, she really understands Finn and he adores her. So I took him over to her house to be faux hawked by the best. The result was exactly what Finn had hoped for and most people agree he looks like Peter Pan.

This afternoon my now "edgy" son sat back to relax and read a new Indiana Jones comic book I let him pick up today. While reading he stopped and asked, "Hey Mom, what is annuity?" I responded with, "Why do you ask?" I was gearing up to explain complex financial investments when he said, "I'm reading about this movie and it says it is rated R for language, violence and annuity." Then I had him spell it, "N-U-D-I-T-Y."
"Oh," I said, "nudity refers to naked people in pictures." Grateful I didn't have to enter the world of finance, I thought that would be the end of it.

Later at dinner Finn was recounting his day to Leif and brought out his new comic books to share. He explained that he had learned all about "annuity" today and he had even found some examples in his comic book. What? I felt a parenting oversight coming on...the next thing you know our faux hawked edgy son had Leif and Emma pouring over pictures of big breasted naked cartoon women in an ad in his apparently no so age appropriate comic book. Leif was interested and Emma was giggling and blushing, but Finn was clearly feeling quite proud of his latest discovery. Without question he had the full attention of everyone at the table.
I guess a little annuity works at any age.

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