Thursday, August 14, 2008

10 blocks

Oak Park is dense and thick with people, but still maintains a small town vibe; you can be stuck in traffic forever trying to get to the grocery, but will surely know at least four people in the store when you finally arrive. At noon today I slapped the kids on their scooters and walked ten blocks in our unique four square mile neighborhood.
First we hit, Turco's, the new Italian deli about six blocks west of our house. The place has a New York kind of energy, the service is friendly and efficient, and the food is first rate. We purchased two enormous gorgeous sandwiches for under $15 and headed on our way.
One block north and four blocks back to the east we rang the door bell at the home of the Pfour. Talk about making our community smaller, we have know this family forever. In fact, Leif went to preschool with B, and both he and his wife, A, were in our wedding. We love that they rehabbed a house just blocks from us and our children will go to school together. We unwrapped the sandwiches to share with A and enjoyed a quick lunch and a yummy conversation before heading back out again.
Three blocks north and one block east landed us a the front steps of the 325 Healing Center. Julia , my acupuncturist has literally changed my life. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy my bi-monthly treatments and the kids love going too. Julia let them take some pictures today and Finn even became brave enough to try a needle himself. Emma passed claiming the thought of it gives her the shivers. I get to relax and rejuvenate and the kids hang out with a darling little pug while they wait.

Feeling slightly drunk from the treatment we headed back toward home. While walking the four blocks we bumped into a neighbor who passed along some stunning tomatoes and peppers from her garden. The offerings made our flank streak dinner fresh and beyond delicious.

In ten blocks and four hours we managed to touch Italy and Asia, heal a body and stimulate a mind, meet with a dear friend, and procure some local crops...all without use of a car. All in all not a bad day in the OP.

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Angela said...

Lunch was great! Thanks again.

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