Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Real Family Vacation

At long last the Elsmo Four have once again enjoyed a real family vacation. Leif's business school commitments prevented him from joining us over the past two years. His presence was missed in the moment and his return to Door County was a reason for our family to celebrate!

The kids and I had wonderful times when we vacationed just the three of us, but having Leif there again served as a gentle reminder that we are the Elsmo Four for a reason. The kids have done a massive amount growing since Leif was last in our little cottage near the bay and we were able to take advantage of many new activities this year...

  • Taking in performance by our old favorite, Willy Porter, at an outdoor amphitheater in Egg Harbor set the tone for an amazing week. Sharing live music with Emma and Finn has been memorable all summer and Willy's performance didn't disappoint any of us! His CD , Available Light, became the soundtrack for our wonderful week!
  • Last time Leif was with us Finn was just six and things like biking were not an option yet. Not so this year...taking Emma up on her suggestion our crew managed to bike nearly eleven miles through the trails Peninsula State Park in under an hour and half. Particular props go to eight year old Finn for doing it on a single speed bike.
  • Our devotion to mini-golfing at the Red Putter continued and Leif and I were only one and two strokes off qualifying for the pro-tournament respectively...same story every year! Many hours were spent frolicking in the water and with Leif there I was actually able to read an entire book!
  • We also fit in our annual hike on Eagle trail, climbed to the top of the tower with a terrified Leif, took in a show at the the American Folklore Theater, and enjoyed pretty sunsets and ice cream in the evenings.
  • Leif and I drank wine and chatted and generally relaxed in a way we had not been able to for too long.

    For me, the best souvenirs of our vacation are my photos featuring Leif and the kids together. Images like these have been missing from our family photo albums for far too long and it is high time we had them...well, him...back.

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