Tuesday, July 8, 2008

In Good Hands

After seven months of battling insurance companies and miscommunication between doctors and hospitals, Finn finally had his first OT appointment today. It was a major victory as he was first evaluated in January and his further success in school clearly depends on receiving treatment for core strength issues that directly impact his ability to hold a pencil...the body is an amazing thing.

When Finn and I headed out the door to the session I was literally thinking about all the "crap" I had gone through to get this appointment in the books when a bird decided to crap right on me. I guess that is supposed to signify good luck unpleasant as it was...

The road to this first session was long and was made easier by Ms. C, an employee of Rush, who works on the academic side of the hospital. She is one of those magical employees who is willing to help anyone she comes into contact with. She helped me tremendously and managed to connect the dots to get Finn the appointments he needed even though it was way outside the parameters of her job description. I even went so far as to send a glowing email about her to her supervisor and remain grateful for her ability to add grace and kindness to a bureaucratic medical system.

As I was watching Finn sit on a T-stool while picking up and rearranging magnets during his session today there was a confident knock at the door. None other than the magical Ms. C entered and introduced herself to me. She looked exactly as I had pictured her; full of life. She gave me a huge hug, introduced herself to Finn, and wanted me to know that she deeply cared that we had come to the end of the long road we were on...seven months was too long.
It was clear after a few moments of chatting that she never even knew that I sent the complimentary email to her boss, but had stopped by out of the purest caring for my son. Even better, the therapist had invited her to stop by and meet us in person because she knew these issues would not have been resolved with out her selflessness.

It is easy to get caught up in the negativity of life, but then a bird takes a crap and the world reveals itself as a friendly and loving place filled with strangers who take a vested interest in who you are, the people you fight for, and the path you are on. Merde.

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Angela said...

Good luck to Finn! And, what a great story. You are so right.

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