Thursday, July 31, 2008

Fresh from the Oven

One of my favorite memories from my childhood is spending time with my grandparents without my brother. Emma and Finn have been spending the week with my parents and we have been meeting at Lamb's farm near Libertyville to exchange kids and luggage. We took in a game of mini golf before Finn headed off with my mom and Emma came home with me...

One of my favorite things about Emma is how she loves simple things. Her world is filled with the glitter of performing, at times on a grand scale. During Nutcracker season she actually has a wig master and a dresser. I watch her to make sure these things don't go to her head and I am reassured when she decides the perfect afternoon entails baking sugar cookies for the workmen, her friends, and family. I worked as her sous chef, cleaning up around her, making sure she didn't mix up baking powder and baking soda, and teaching her how to cut tablespoons from a stick of butter.

While Emma continued to work on her cookies our door bell rang. Trusting that she had things well in hand I answered the door only to discover something else fresh from the oven, my friend's one week old son. I threw a baby shower for her simply because she wanted this baby so badly and the road to finally having him was long and emotional. Never have I seen a woman so elated and fulfilled as I watched her cradle this peaceful dreamy creature; they are a delicious balance of want and need.

By the time I finished cooing over the baby I came back to a kitchen filled with sweet smells and one perfect plate of sugar cookies. I didn't need to eat one, but I sure did want to and I must say they are simply delicious; they rival my grandma's. The workman and her friends agree and we are surely going to take a plate to my mom when we pick up Finn.

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