Saturday, July 26, 2008

New, Different, Unexpected

We headed back to the Academy of Movement and Music this evening to take in a second set of Momenta performances. Emma danced beautifully yet again and I was struck by the value of this experience beyond learning to dance.
Most all of the pieces performed were created by students. The student choreographers had no voice in selecting the dancers for their pieces, the ability level of the dancers, or even the number of people they were given. Each one of them had to learn to teach in seven weeks and each dancer had to learn to respect their peers in a new way. The entire workshop embraces welcoming the new, different and unexpected. Obviously it works; the evening was more than entertaining. Emma left with a treasured collection of thank you notes and flowers from her choreographers, and she simply didn't want it to come to an end.

Some things have to come to an end and in the next moment new experiences are on the horizon...Emma's Momenta relationships will go beyond the dance studio when she starts middle school in the fall. Four different elementary schools will converge and this is the young group of dancers who will become new classmates and walking partners. Three days per week this fit posse, armed with cell phones, will make their way to the Academy to study dance together and learn unexpected lessons far beyond perfecting adagio and allegro...they will learn with each passing year their world will become bigger, richer, and more challenging.
They will learn with grace.


Annie said...

Her whole world is about to EXPAND... it's so exciting! (Although it makes me feel straight old, haha)

Angela said...

The top photo has to be one of my favorites. Love it.

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