Monday, July 7, 2008


I found myself in the Claire's boutique today tasked by my daughter to pick out an appropriately cool gift for one of her closest friends. I naturally gravitated to the colorful journals and the clinking bracelet sets, but I was there with strict instructions to buy a "funky hat and fingerless gloves".

I stared at the wall of Madonna gloves circa "Like a Virgin" and wondered how an eleven year old gets it in her head to want lacy fingerless gloves. I touched every pair and decided ultimately to purchase a set of black and white stripped "arm warmers" or sleeves without a shirt attached. The mother in me could justify the purchase out of concern for the temperature of the poor girl's forearms and my daughter was still giving a cool gift. I threw in a funky enough black painters hat covered with peace symbols, a pair of guitar shaped earrings, and (of course) a set of noisy red bracelets to off set all the black.

I laid out the rather motley gift before my daughter and she squealed with delight and exclaimed, "Oh, thank you Mom, she is gonna LOVE this!" I paused for a moment and considered my daughter. I tipped my head and asked, "Emma, would you like to wear things like this?" She simply giggled and said, "No way, Mom, but my friend is gonna love it."

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