Sunday, September 27, 2015

iFly Fun...

This afternoon as fun post-homecoming treat, Kate and Finn went to iFly for a little indoor skydiving excursion.  Both of them had a ball and loved taking flight!  Check Finn out in the video below....

Happiness is Homecoming...

Finn and the lovely Kate got all dolled up for Homecoming last night.  I think they looked like a million bucks and it was such fun to see them together!  Of course, I could not resist taking them to my favorite alley for a mini photo shoot! You could not find two nicer kids if you tried. 

After posing like a couple of champs they headed over for pictures with some OPRF friends before heading to the dance. Cheers to boutonnieres,  high heels, friendship and young love!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Self Portrait @ 41...

My little self-portrait tradition continues as I enter my 41st year.  
I selected this one simply because it reflects a certain calm I have come to have about life.  I let my hair go back to its natural color for the first time in more than 2 decades and I don't even mind the grey hairs on my head.  I've noticed my eyes are a little puffy in the morning these days, but I assure you that is not a result of crying over the fact my favorite girl in the world moved to Philly last month.  I guess I'm just getting older; I've even added Beauty Counter's anti-aging regimen to my daily routine to combat all these emerging wrinkles as naturally as possible. Sure, I still require a good deal of mascara, lipstick and natural light to look my loveliest, but all-in-all I am pretty down with the privilege of getting older.
Happy birthday to me!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Petri Dishes...

I've been working on a few new dishes lately and I was ready for this little number to take center stage at my dinner table this week-end.  I helped a little with a science themed birthday celebration not too long ago and the birthday girl gifted me a set of perfect petri dishes as a thank you gift.  We the resulting "fungus study" as a little creepy and totally delicious!
shiitake gelee. truffle. potato puree. pistachio puree. king trumpet. enoki. parmesan. pinenut. lemon vinaigrette pipet.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Joong Boo Market Men

Nothing beats a $2 Wang Mandu from Joong Boo Market as a mid afternoon snack.  This afternoon we were lucky enough to be in the neighborhood and snagged a few of these savory bites.  I assure you these are the best snacks sold in a parking lot I've ever found!
Joong Boo Market
3333 N Kimball

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Crab Fest 2015...

 I love a good dinner party and my friend Talley threw a memorable neighborhood bash last night!  We prioritized attending her annual Crab Fest this year and I promise you we will not miss it again.  Everyone chips in and she gets 2 bushels of blue crabs shipped in from the east coast.  Talley cooks them up and servers them alongside fresh bread, peel and eat shrimp, steamed clams and corn on the cob.  OMG...too much awesome!
 The entire delicious experience is totally hands-on and more than a little messy, but once you start cracking those crabs, ferreting out the super sweet meat is addictive!  
With nearly 30 folks in attendance, the entire affair yields a spectacular mess, but all it takes is a few folks to roll up the paper on the tables to dispose of all the remnants of a fun-filled evening!  
We are sure lucky to be be on the list for this party and I am counting down the days until it happens again next year!  

Birthday Boys...

 Unfortunately, a last minute change to Finn's soccer schedule prevented us from being able to attend Kas and Kavi's Chicago birthday party, but we were lucky enough to be able to swing by for a little morning birthday love on Sunday with some of our favorite little peeps!
 We always love it when these four are back in town!

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